Linfield – Advisor

The Rage team spent a full day shooting this video for Linfield’s latest web marketing campaign.  We battled rain, locations that were unavailable at the last minute and lack of sleep but what you see is only a fraction of the shots we filmed. The video turned out great and the talent was wonderful to …


Linfield – Nightmare

Linfield College in McMinnville Oregon wanted to do something bold and outside-the-box with their new campaign. With a little creative prowess at Mandala Agency, they developed this powerful TV ad.   This film production required the entire crew to be in Portland for a week, where we filmed at locations in and around the college …


Daisy Chain invasion

The Mandala Agency and South Valley Bank brought us on to put together this heart felt spot.  Bella Mezzetta an eight-year-old future acting star stole the show.  She also happens to be a child scissor savant… she’s going to have to decide between a career in scrapbooking or acting.  


Cessna Videos are LIVE!

Who doesn’t dream of owning their own private jet…or single piston plane? Cessna makes dreams come true.  Just wrapped a grueling edit session putting together two new videos: one for DirectControl and one for the new Corvalis TTx.  The high-flying footage that makes us all want to blow our retirement funds on a new planes. …